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Houston, TX (January 31, 2023) – Today marks a new beginning for supply chain management on all modes of global transportation and goods movements.  Bloodhound Tracking Device (BTD) received $5 million dollars in Round 1 funding on January 31th, 2023. This funding is to develop the next generation of supply chain tracking, visibility, and security devices that will support real-time visibility through patented communications technologies from any location in the world to a central communications and control center for review, action, or notifications to users.

The BTD device can be covertly affixed to a container, truck, trailer, rail car, or other physical asset that requires visibility, status, location, and movement details which are critical for the security of the products in the conveyance or the physical asset itself.

Bloodhound Tracking Device Inc. was founded by two forward-thinking Logistics Consultants who have significant expertise and standing in supply chain execution, logistics, transportation, and supply chain maximization.  However, it wasn’t until those two logistics gurus found two rocket scientists (Ex-Nasa satellite communications specialists) that the vision for BTD became viable.  Within the next 7 months, the BTD team will deliver working prototypes of the device that will produce a dramatic shift in the way supply chains are managed.

The key difference will be BTD’s ability to provide stakeholders and logistics service providers with access to real-time data upon demand.  It will also provide Customs and Border Protection with a well-defined and documented security profile of all containers facing inspection and provide visibility to those containers with an anomaly-free transit.

Today, BTD is one step closer to providing cargo owners and their logistics service providers with a path to high level security and true visibility.   This new device and system will be able to prove to regulators and inspectors at ports of entry that the contents and conveyance are indeed intact without compromise from the point of origin until the point of arrival.  This ability has never been possible before BTD.

This is an exciting time for the logistics and supply chain industry, as BTD will revolutionize how global supply chains are managed and controlled. Since COVID, all supply chain practitioners have concluded that supply chain visibility is “priority one.”  BTD delivers on this requirement while also delivering proof of security and integrity of goods for a wide array of stakeholders.

About BTD

Bloodhound Tracking Device Inc. is a firm that was founded to create and deploy leading technologies and supply chain security protocols with real-time global communications capability, low-cost operations, and superior battery management for managing all modes of global trade. This is the first real-time supply chain communications tool to be brought to the market with patented communications already in place, design and operations patents filed, and the capability to revolutionize global trade in the forthcoming years.

Media Contact
Title: Curtis Spencer, CEO

Phone: 281-332-1795
Address:  309 Henrietta Street, Webster, TX, 77598