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IMS Worldwide, Inc. (IMSW) began our Real Estate and Logistics Trends analysis work in 2001.  After 16 years of pioneering the field, IMSW is considered the logistics consultants to the Industrial Real Estate industry. We pride ourselves in offering best practices knowledge to investors, developers and REITs across the USA.  No other firm digs as deep as our team does to provide strategies based on the most current trends, numbers, and todays market growth segments.  We have been in this evaluation marketplace long enough to see our predictions come true, and to witness successful REITs taking advantage of our knowledge base by cashing in on those trends!

We have steadfastly held that the Panama Canal widening would not negatively impact West Coast Industrial Real Estate and so far, we have been proven correct.  Those who cried “wolf” are no longer our competition.  Our staff members research each port to obtain updated statistics 12 months before the stats are available to the public, as well as develop rail intermodal and develop carload trend analyses 6-8 months before it is reported by the American Association of Railroads.  In terms of E-Commerce, the fastest growing segment of Industrial Real Estate in 2017 and beyond, IMSW goes to the source and by partnering with the source, is creating a cutting edge approach to e-commerce utilization.  Very few consulting firms are ahead of the game in the e-commerce retail industry.  However, IMSW is not just ahead, but actively working to create innovative and applicable solutions for this growing retail sector.

A primary result of IMSW’s practice of maintaining updated statistics and performing regular trend analyses is that our company’s principals speak over 80 times per year on these subjects. IMSW has developed a thought leadership role that is best in class.  Come to an upcoming event and see for yourself!

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IMSW now offers direct, strategic development assistance to REITs, developers, and industrial parks across the country, especially in emerging market locations where IMSW knows the proposed transportation infrastructure opportunities.  The IMSW team becomes part of our client’s business development team to focus on logistics and its overall impact and added value to an industrial real estate site(s).  IMSW has perfected the “Logistics Value Proposition” paradigm, which can convert your site’s location and logistical advantage into $$/square feet!