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For a long time, IMS Worldwide (IMSW) has been focused in giving back to the community and thinking about those less fortunate.  What starts with donations from IMSW employees grows with a company match.

IMSW’s more recent community involvement projects included:

During Christmas 2021:  IMSW was able to help teens living in Kinder Emergency Shelter.  This shelter is a coed 24-hour Harris County program licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to provide emergency childcare services to teens. IMSW donations included new clothes, toiletries, journals, video games, and DVDs. The Company was also able to fund a field trip to the movies for the teens and their staff, as well as a Domino’s pizza party.

IMSW’s support of Kinder Emergency Shelter encouraged another local company to start a shoe drive for the shelter.

Each Christmas season IMSW’s staff participates in a Reverse Advent Calendar food drive.  Each day items are collected and at the end of the calendar the items are donated to a local charity within the community.  In 2021, IMSW donated an SUV full of food to St. Bernadette Catholic Church’s Food Pantry which serves residents within the local Houston Bay Area community.

IMSW participated in Action Ministry’s 2021 shoe drive, contributing funds to purchase 125 pairs of shoes for children and adults.

When Hurricane Laura struck Lake Charles, Louisiana in August 2020, IMSW made three trips over to Louisiana.  The first trip helped seven individual families with food, clothing, toiletries, and a truck load of water.  The second trip was a load full of cleaning supplies and gas cans, which were donated to the Cajun Navy. When a storm hit Lake Charles AGAIN that following November, IMSW brought more food, clothing, diapers, and water to local Louisiana families.

Christmas 2020’s Reverse Advent Calendar food drive was also donated to The Cajun Navy in Lake Charles to continue aiding those devasted by the storms of 2020.

For over a decade, IMSW has donated to Smile Train, a nonprofit organization and charity providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates.

IMSW invites everyone to ask how they can help those in their community.  There are so many people in need and even the smallest amounts of giving can make a difference.

Charities mentioned in this blog post can be found at the following links: