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Early this year, IMSW published its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) statement.

In summary:

IMSW has been at the forefront of environmental stewardship for over 40 years. The entire office recycles 100% of the paper, plastic and other reusable items received and/or created by its efforts.  Additionally, IMSW added smart thermometers provided by CenterPoint Energy as a pilot project of their latest technology in 2020.

IMSW was certified by the Small Business Administration as a Minority 8A contractor, as it is fully owned by Indian/Asian Americans, and 50% of its total employment consists of minorities from over four different minority categories. IMSW has a total of seven managers/executives, with four being Anglo-Saxon and three non-whites.  Of its executive managers, three are women.

IMSW is a US Customs consultant, and therefore maintains the highest levels of IT security, secure data storage, and file storage, operating as if its office was located within a Foreign-Trade Zone.  All files are purged after seven years, (two years longer than required to maintain full levels of integrity for its clients) which are recycled in sealed recycling bins and monitored for shredding and disposal.  IMSW utilizes cutting edge IT/email/cloud storage protocols, monitored and maintained by a reputable third party.  Updates occur monthly and to date, no data or security breaches have occurred in its 45-year history.

IMSW utilizes NDAs for each and every customer, and for over 45 years there has never been a breach or a lawsuit.  IMSW prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of data, branding and technical confidentiality for itself and its clients.  All of IMSW’s senior managers have been Customs/FBI background checked and its CEO has been Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) background checked and approved by DHS for more detailed information.

IMSW’s ESG statement can be read in full at