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We should all have a person in our life who made a difference, impacted our lives and made us better by being around them.  We should aspire to be that person in another person’s life, and that is the challenge we face today.  How to get close enough to know how to impact another and tread carefully so that they learn on their own.

Years ago, I met a guy named Ray Brimble, and he to this day does not know the impact he had on my career and my choices.  Ray and I were much younger when we met, but I recall his clarity of mind and vision to meet the needs that were in front of him.  He saw a need to build an air cargo complex at the Austin-Bergstrom Airport.  Despite having no experience in industrial or infrastructure development, he went for it.  His words were quite eloquent: “I can learn how to do this and be successful”.

For many years, and across a career dotted with success, I have listened to those words and learned how to apply them.  Learning for me has been mapped by making sure that when I learn, I experience a change in an attitude or behavior.  The scripture in Luke describes the Wise Men who came to see the Baby Jesus as simply, “they went home a different way” indicating to me that they were changed by what they saw in that manger setting.

My way of “being Ray Brimble” was to find and teach others how to learn to do this and be successful.  It should be part of the character of every business professional and leader to place people in positions to continually learn, change, grow and be successful.

Thanks Ray, wishing you the best in retirement.  To those who read this, be the Ray Brimble in another person’s life.  It will make your life better, old age more peaceful and as you look back you will see the differences you made here and there.